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Buffet lunch on Friday-Sunday 12-3 is $9.95 all you can eat!




Haveli India


Dear Patrons & Friends,

   We at Haveli India wish to extend our invitation to you, your family and friends to join us at Haveli India for fine food and drink. Many new patrons have many questions about our menu and the spicyness of our cuisine. Indian cuisine has some dishes that are normally spicy in nature, but most of the dishes are not spicy at all. We ask and wish our friends to tell us how they most enjoy the seasoning of their food from hot spicy to no spice at all. We welcome  special requests and frequently provide dishes without spice or salt or butter. Any dietary requirement you have can be requested from the chef. We wish to thank you for all your continued patronage at Darbar India  and hope you can join us at Haveli India as well. Many people have asked about the great symbolism that the peacock has in Indian culture, so
Valmik Thapar writes  in his book, Land of the Tiger, "In ancient India, its wheel-like tail was a symbol of the all-seeing sun and all eternal cosmic cycles, but it also represents rebirth, the heavens and the stars and the unity of the cosmos. Again, these beliefs are not confined to Hinduism - the peacock plays an important role in the Muslim story of creation." seems to best explain it.

  Most Respectfully,
         Owner / Chef Laxman Sharma





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