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Buffet lunch on Friday-Sunday 12-3 is $9.95 all you can eat!

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Haveli India

Havelis developed in India in ancient times as royal houses where Royal guests would stay and be entertained. In later eras they would also become merchant homes or homes of the wealthy. But, their initial evolution was where the royal families and selected ministers got together in a congenial environment to discuss affairs of state, as they dined and were entertained. The custom was for hundreds of the best cooks and entertainers to be brought from around the state to serve the royal families and their guests. The entertainment and the food was always the best the state had to offer. And because of the number of cooks they were known to try new and creative dishes to distinguish themselves before the royal family.  It is because of this beginning that Haveli's over time became known as keepers of Indian traditions and cuisines.
Laxman Sharma has continued this tradition of serving the King and Queen at Haveli India in Middletown Connecticut. As, Laxman states that his new King and Queen are the guests, who come to Haveli India to be dined and pampered by his always polite and attentive staff. And there's the food fit for a King or a Queen.




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